Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is potentially the most valuable automation tool in business operations today. It is intended to decrease or eliminate the need for people to perform high-volume, rule based and repetitive activities. With the help of RPA, it is possible to automate as much as 80 percent of manual workloads, which makes the massive amount of brainpower of employees available to bring your company the best possible benefit

In addition to giving you an extra pair of automated hands, RPA also opens up new perspectives on the core processes of your business operations, and on the human role in modern work communities.

RPA Benefits

Automation of manual data-entry processes for data from different sources
Automatically sorting and filtering tasks based on priority, then forwarding them for manual processing
Improvement of systems that lack the functions required
Standardization of communications and correspondence
It saves time and human effort
It eliminates the human errors
It reduces the manpower and infrastructure cost
It increases the quality level


SMARTGEN Technologies was launched at a time when the business world is transitioning through an arduous period and is thought provoking. It is apparent that a paradigm shift is taking place in the ways businesses manage their operations to brace through the current challenging business environment. We wish to assure that SMARTGEN is well positioned to bring the value propositions to address your challenges

Our Autonomics Practice focuses on process, people and technology to ensure that Artificial Intelligence enabled automation gets embedded into genetics of Next Gen IT operations for its customers. Autonomics act as a strategic differentiator which sets SMARTGEN apart from other service providers in this space by providing technology edge on Cognitive, RPA, and RBA etc.

SMARTGEN’s Autonomics drives simplicity as the core theme bringing Artificial Intelligence and Collaboration as key contributors. It orchestrates the entire lifecycle of the automation across various Lines of businesses

SMARTGEN is leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate the tasks performed by the most voluminous roles (in terms of manual activity) by building own, leveraging others’ toolsets and integrating them seamlessly

We are also specialized in providing the best-in-class RPA training for individuals and organizations across the world through online and class room sessions, bringing in experts to share their knowledge and experience.

We have partnership with major technology vendors and are experts in delivering best-in-class training sessions for various Robotic Process Automation tools.

Our Mission

"To provide Next Gen Automation solutions which bring substantial business value to our customers by integrating technology with business while grooming specialized talent to deliver a symbiotic success model”

Our Commitment

We promise to deliver our solutions 'on Time, on Budget and on Target'